Wednesday, May 11, 2011

"ENGINEERS, Pride of every nation" Now Say this without a lol ;) :P

Hey Everyone,
Enjoying these cool summers haan!! Don't kill me for this, now :P
Anyhow, Like I mentioned in my previous post, We, soon-to-be-engineers are quite messed up with the projects , presentations and blah blah blah. Hardly getting any time for masti and dramme, as it's going over the board day by day and God knows where we'll land finally. : P
Now for those unlucky poor fellows, who ain't a part of this so called "ENGINEER TOLI" and also for those suppa duppa unlucky poorest innocent, extremely tender,oh so sensitive and strong engineering souls, here I present to you all, some these and those
"Side Effects of Engineering”!!! ;): P: D
Actually, this gonna take some time so try n cooperate, please.

 > First of all, promise me, you won't pre assume every other screwed up and subconscious senti person the future engineer, see, there are exceptions, I never got the chance to count the number though, so we'll talk about the figures later!! ;)

> Love shove me "Mera dil, Mera bhagwan", but when it comes to books and other stuff, "Aae dil-e-nadaan, kisne kaha ye engg karne ko”: P
 > Off course there is a lot more to do beyond completing assignments, attending sessionals, practicals and end sems in our lives. STFU Delhi Universiti-ians : /
> Atleast our parents believe that one day we all will get placed in some good company. What we think:
Hell yeah (terms and conditions apply), 1. The person who came to take the interview needs to be a super idiot himself, that way he will take us maybe to test on regular basis who's more of a jerk. 2. If our astrological signs collided for good and all the luck goes in our favor. 3. Or if the company is hiring as per the Tashnbaazi criteria. Else, I rather not comment. :D

> We do get all excited and cheered up on hearing "Results out". It actually goes to an extreme happiness level that instead of checking out what's stored in for us this time, we start thinking of ways to convince our parents and calculating “Is baar kitne forms ke kitne banenge, yaar" :P
> Yaha waha ki khatarnaak machines se zada, we are interested in the Xerox and Nescafe coffee machine ;)
> We are those silly livings creatures who look puzzled when asked anything related to the syllabus and know every other damn thing from right the neighbor wife's extra marital affair to the hot and happening party in the city. 
> Every little assignment is neither copied nor Xeroxed, it's a genuine one mates, if you doubt this, the person dealt here with is a typical future engineer *wink* 

> Anything happens, It's the sadu Professor's fault, we always do our work on time and properly. We even revise it once finished, No, we don't bribe our siblings, huh ;)
> With utter sadness, I have to mention,especially for the guys, You are one of those so bloody frustrated souls , acc to whom getting in relation is an ultimate priority, for you never really care about the looks of the girl, instaed say"yaar, koi to mili" : P

> We even tend to confuse ourselves with Krissh and Superman's most of the times, doing so we might try to jump from the sixth floor thinking we'll definitely land safely and will be all cool and stuff but instead end up on the hospital bed's with ten fractures and several injuries. Still smiling, lol, who are we: P
> We call all our professors with endless funny nick names thereby forgetting the real name ain't no big deal. ;)
> In Viva, all we are concerned with is yapping what so ever comes to our sharp mind, obviously regardless of the question asked.

> If we need to fill sheets in the exams, and we don't really know what the heck is the one who prepared it talking about, simple solution : write one or two lines and then repeat them again, then repeat these new two lines and then keep on doing this till the page is over. : P 
> We are often found cursing those idiots who previously confirmed us
"engineering lele, scope hai" .
Now, we feel like telling them back, Bhai, tu dimaag test karwa le, defect hai :@

Check out "Rockstar" by "Nickelback" in the meantime :)
Have a good one, mates.


  1. ahhhhh!! finally dese moments r going to b over nw. bt dese side effects i think remain 4 whole lyf.lolz.. "yeah v r gng to b engineers" lol.. ;)

  2. just when i had started to forget my good old engineering goof ups , it stormed back the memories :) totally loved it like the cocaine stuff :)

  3. @ @ Div: seriously girl, It feels like cracking a big joke on which no one really laughed except we ourselves when we claim "We are Engineers". I mean,it sounded heavy when we were in school LOL :P

  4. @ Suri: Well, these four years were funny,sweet etc etc to an extreme level. Even if we kinda hate our cool college like shit, we are certain to miss every lil thing later on.
    Thanks for appreciating :)
    and I hope u ain't on cocaine ;)

  5. Incredible!!! :D

    loved it :)

    stay blessed ^_^


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