Tuesday, May 24, 2011


For now, I ve nothing much to express and will just pen down the following rhyme.
Some words unspoken, Some roads unshaken,
Some within our reach, Some not awaken,
Some lost, some gained, Some tailor made cascade,
Some high some low, some vaporized in a blow,
Some acceptable, some forced, Some in pieces are tore,
Some worth, some sore, Some this world calls pure,
Some weighed to fit, Some hazed to slip,
Some truths, some lies, Some unwanted fights,
Some painful, some sweet, Some in for a treat,
Some pending, some done, Some ask for none,
Some here, some there, some blurred, Some clear,
Some thoughts so sure, still the other doesn't know,
Some feelings suppressed, some relished and blessed,
Some memories so missed, some hugged and kissed,
Some innocence of eyes, some little surprise,
Some Far away, that beach house of clay,
Some deep in heart, some blazed with darts,
Some easy, some no, some understood, some slow,
Some love, some lore, some have to told no more!!

Courtesy: My lost mind.
Check out "Ab naa jaa" by "Euphoria".
Have a good one, mates! :)


  1. Flippin across various Blogs. saw this..
    ua terrific. way up.. bring in more sch work
    cheers !

  2. smthng z dere bou u,, cn feel dose wrds maslf,, you a gr8 poet,,

  3. @ Karan: Thanx bakshi :)

  4. @ Anonymous: Thanks for appreciating whoever you are!
    You gonna get a lot from me like this!! :)

  5. @ Sissy : Not more than you anyway!! <3

  6. @ Kriti : Feels good that It made you this happy!
    And I ain't no poet, just a girl who loves to put her feelings in words. Pretty true, probably that's y touched u too!!
    Thanks girl! :)

  7. hieeee risha :) Parul here..got d link frm suri's blog.. without a doubt its heart warming to read yur post :)keep it up.

  8. @ Parul: Hey dearo, It's great to see your comment here on my post. Obviously, I cannot compete with Suri when it comes to writing but I try to do what I can! And thanks a ton for reading. Feels super duper cool.
    With Love and smiles :)

  9. hey u dnt have to b modest sweety ...been out of work lately nd all i do is read u guys' posts all d time....nd both of u simply touch hearts wit wahtevr u write :) hugs all d way :):)

  10. That is exceptionally sweet girlie. Hugs and smiles for you too :)
    And yeah, I was kind of trying to be modest, doesn't go well with me I guess. :P

  11. loved it...its so simple yet profound and says it all....simply splendid...it kind of brought me back to my style of writing as well;)

  12. @ Aakrirti: I love your style of writing, girl. Keep up the good work. Thank you :)


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