Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Happiness Beyond Measure :)

Ordinary plain day as it appeared to me, turned full of life and new hopes in the afternoon.

As I was returning home from college, only thing that enveloped my mind was to get some good sleep. Reasons being pretty apparent, first, I am talking about the peak summer noon hours and second, I only got 2 hours to hug my bed last night.
Stepping inside my sweet cocoon, expecting that magical kiss and desperate for the exceptionally comforting huggy hug from my grandma, I Ran straight to my angel. In the meanwhile, she never fails to ask me how I did in the respective paper. Though I hate discussing over this matter beyond the circumference of the examination hall, didn't feel like disappointing her either, thereby yapped all the lunatic stuff in one go. I love her for every little word she says and every petty care she hides in those deep hazy eyes anyway.

Then, after spending priceless time with my cute dadi, as I proceeded towards taking stairs to my room, something on the way caught my attention.

A courier addressed to me.

I opened it, with zero excitement initially. Rubbing my airy eyes and gathering lost strength, I read the contents of the letter inside.

Damn, It was none other than my SSB INTERVIEW CALL LETTER! :)

Wowwy wow as I will call it. Flying high in the sky, imagining myself wearing that cool Army Uniform already, I swear I was on cloud 9. Dreams and Reality collided in front of my eyes thereby making the moment so freaking worthwhile..!!

Started dancing there only and yelled at the top of my voice calling Mumma from upstairs eager to give her this hot shot new news. My cousin Peehu joined me in this and we took over the whole house in no time. Showers of fun with a twist of cuteness. Seriously, It was Fucking awesome. :P

I kind of know , that for some readers out there, it may seem to be a small daily thing, but for me, who longed for experiencing the same, it sure is BIGGY BIG!! 
And For now, I don't wanna indulge in what the future has in store and if I will make it or not.
All I wanna think about is This day, That moment and Those endless smiles attached.

Thankyou so much Almighty.
With Hugs and love
Muaah :)


  1. letter aaya hai kya..??

  2. @ Bebo: Lagta hai theek se padha nahi tunne ye post!! I mentioned above that it's a letter. Yo! :)

  3. @ Div: Bole to ekdm mast, motu!! Thanks a ton :)

  4. mast rishu so happie for u :)

  5. Mast hai yaar....Dhinka chika dhinka chika......:D :P

  6. Ab tuje Flight Lieutenant bole kya...;)

  7. @ Sur: Feels great dearo. Thanks a lot :)

  8. @ Bakshi: Haha!! :P balle balle shava shava!! ;)
    aur tera jo mann kare wo bol yaar, tension kya hai. Waise, Cptn RK sounds cool to me. Ab exams ke baad jashan hi hona hai, partiyaan hi partiyaan!!

  9. bhaishabbbbbbbbbbbbbbb maza agya maze darrrrrrrrrr oye one mor partyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy..nach oe balle balle jhkas :)))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))

  10. hey risha...nicely written...!!!...dictionary khol k likhti hai kya? coz mjhe dictionary khol k padna padha...:D...:p....n congrats for your "SINGLE SIDE BAND (SSB)" CALL LETTER..:P..:D...

  11. waise kahan ki call ayi hai??...i mean kaunsi jagah bulaya hai for further tests..???

  12. @ Shit: yo babe, partyyy!!! :) :)
    ab 7th ke baat bas ho hi jaaye yaar, full on!!
    Kya bolti hai?

  13. @ Ojas: Lol, heavy words hogaye kuch zada hi haina!! :P
    And single sideband letter ne sahi me khush kar ditta yaara !!:D ;)
    vaise, Centre is Allahabad,UP. batch commencing on 15th july :)

  14. Want to come to India to see you and your Grand Mom!!!!!
    Kee Roking \m/

  15. great rishu behn.
    naak na katwa ke aaio hm logon ki... ab to band kardey nails khaana. hehe

  16. @ Skye: Go,Take a flight and Come on in!! :)
    And Thanks a lot Girlie. Njoi! :)

  17. @ Tannu: Haha, kyon be, boht bolna aagaya hai teko hain, choti !! :D
    Teri naak katwane nahi shaan badhane jaa rahi hu mai waha smjhi, chal nautanki band kar and come to my place on 5th, we'll catch up some cool flick together. :) :)

  18. You looked cute with that cute rabbit smile and the uniform in my imagination too :D

  19. @ Ayu : Haha, I actually danced with that rabbit smile on!!
    Must say, you are nowhere less in imagining stuff too. Thanks a lot baby :* :)


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