Sunday, June 5, 2011

A delicacy to my world, For My Peehu Baby!! :*

13 February, 2009, sometime in the noon! 

While being stuck in the college, doing nothing productive and worth mentioning, sitting absent-mindedly in the class, my cellphone ranged. It said, Anu Chachu calling. Strange, I felt for he knew where was I and picking up calls was not allowed during this 1 hour mourning period. Couldn't think of anything in anticipation. Loathed for the lifeless lecture to end. Subsequently, it did. Dialled the number, heard him on one ring. There it goes.

He became a father and I, the proud eldest siblings of 'em all. 
The moment I waited for, like a lifetime altogether.
World appeared beautiful and alive with butterflies playing volley ball in my tummy. 
I wished for a pair of magical wings to appear on my back, Desparation was at peak and I so eagerly wanted to fly away to this new angel, to touch those soft cute tiny fingers and to hold her in my arms and wonder,
"How many years and centuries God actually devoted in creating this sweet lil innocent soul".

Helpless, for I couldn't go home alone, and have to stay in college for another couple of hours. 
Absent mindedness turned into fantasy and took a toll over me. All I wanted was a glimpse of her.
Time passed, and I was on my way back to the hospital where my heart dwelled.
Walked briskly, both excited and ecstatic. Opened the door, and there was she!
Lying calmly on the bed. I held her up, looked at this hopelessly breath taking baby doll. Kissed her forehead and thanked the almighty endless times for we were blessed hugely. Honestly, she resembled me. Wanted to talk to her, so, I bough her close, whispered in those rose pink ears, Welcome to Kalra's family, my new miraculous delicacy!! :)

We named her Peehu, for she was utterly butterly sugar like sweet and adorable. Is and will be for ever!

First look, first cry, first smile, first expression, first bath, first chee chee, first massage, first sleep. I captured it all. My face used to glitter with happiness when I am with her.
Days passed and years flew by. :)

Today, when I look at her, playing with her toys and doing all the mischiefs possible, trying to sneak away off the tricky situations and making those cute faces when scolded, Magical it seems.
That one sight is way enough to melt my heart.

I love her dearly and she is my baby, My heartbeat and that Cuteness in my life I always craved for :) :* 
God bless this pretty angel!! 
Muaaahhh <3 :*:*

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  1. Babies, Babies, Babies :* I love your peehu too :*
    Kisses to her :*

  2. @ Ayu: That was sweet :)
    Hugs and kisses to ur baby too, Ayu :*:*

  3. N I have fallen in lov with your honey naw


  4. @ Ted : Haha, she is lovable, touchwood!!
    And thanks,fella :)

  5. wonderful compilation of feelings for a cute little baby.

  6. awwweee goochi goochi babiess...:)..googli googli mush..:) well written :) :) :)....neva knew u r such a good writer...kahan hai chetan bhagat...ja k batado use...uski maa a gayi hai..:D....maine to hath bhi jod liye hain....PRANAAM MATASHRIIII....!!!..

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  8. aaaaawwwwwww..........she z cho chweet.......dying to meet her cz fallen in lv with her.........wanna c with her......kiss her.....hugg u loads peehu........n rishu lv to u 2.....nice effort.......gud job ........god bles u bth.........

  9. awwwwwww chho chho chhweeet .... such a angel she is :) :) kisses n hugs n blessings 2 d cutest lil girl on planet :):):)

  10. ohhh dats sooooo cutie...
    lots of love to peehu... :-*

  11. as usual,feelings xpressed in an xtraordinary way..!

  12. @ Vaibhav: Thanku a muchy much!! :)

  13. @ Ojas: Hahaa, ur comments are bound to make me ROFL anyway :)
    And Chetan bhagat ko dhmkaane saath me chalenge,pakka!! ;) lol.

    And its googly woogly wush!! haha :)

  14. @ Heenu : Come home someday and we'll do whatever you wanna do with my baby :* :)
    And thanks for appreciating girlie, Love you 2 :)
    Stay blessed darlin' :)

  15. @ Parul : Awwwiee. that was so sweet. My hearty wishes to u too dearo!
    Will pass ur warm love to my babygirl :)

  16. @ Giti : Finally, u Bouced back with your words :)
    And loads of peehu's love to u too. Be happie :) :*

  17. @ Bebo : And u finally wrote more than 2 3 words now!!
    Thanks :)

  18. God bless d lill angel.. wid loads f luv,, :* :)

  19. @ Vani : Thank you so muchy much dearo!
    With love and hugs :) :*

  20. Awwwww , such a cute post!! :-*

  21. @ Drrama Queen: Thank you Sweetie :) :*
    Hugs all the way!


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