Thursday, June 16, 2011

Welcome Life With Open Arms!! :)

If this is how 'twaz supposed to be,
Why is it so hard to believe,
A bittersweet desirous tendency,
Left by some obnoxious melancholy,
Never to close to disclose apart,
Neither too far to let go from heart,
I thought 'twas meant to be,
always and for eternity,
Longing to feel alive once again,
Waiting to know who's holding my hand,
An avidity for things to fall back in place,
Left with no single escape,
Tell me what's there on that mind of your's,
Is it still me or just another score,
Are you still clinging to the past, my alter ego, 
Or merely knitting well the bruised and the tore,
Isolate your self from the world for a talk,
You ain't no less, discover your shinning spark,
Soon the pain will vaporize and leave no mark,

Holdin' on so tight to the moment that is gone,
Make room for this new one, let it take on,
You know in that shy heart you wanna explore,
Do it now baby, it's your time for sure,
Splendid ecstasies of beauty and that flawless mind,
Behind an invisible mask they always find ways to hide,
Endless desires and infinite hopes on high tides,
Now is the time for all of 'em to ignite,
A unique amalgamation of low's and high's,
This is exactly the replica of what we dearly call 'Life',
Lock those memories and throw away the key in the skies,
For they never come without a rock solid price,
Not to be taken so seriously, a blissful lil instant of surprise,
Live it, love it and simply laugh away what's not right! 

Courtesy: My Hypnotic Mind!
Check out "I will follow you into the dark" by "Death Cab For Cutie" in the meanwhile.
Have a good one mates! :)


  1. Dat was very motivating.... really cool.. :-))

  2. yaar tu apna novel likh le......;)

  3. aaaayyeee.....dear life....aa gale lag jaa....kal ho na hoo...:)..;)...:D...well bhut hi lively poem hai...heart ko by god touch hi kar gayi....isko likhne k liye inspire kahan se hui hai ahem ahem..:p..??......n yess....u r waiting to know whus holding ur chodegi hath se tabi pata chalega na..:p..:D....

  4. @ Gitika: Thanks Swtz. Purpose met! :)

  5. @ Twisha : Thanks Girl. Stay blessed! :)

  6. @ Bakshi: Will write that someday. Tu to le hi lega ek copy or koi le na le!! ;)

  7. @ Ojas: Haha, First of all thanks for appreciating. and secondly, Inspiration dil me honi chaie bas, in sab materialistic cheezo me kya rakha hai :D Thirdly, Maine aj ek do sadi hindi movies dekhi hai islie asar ho raha hai ;)
    And btw, do haath hai mere pass. Ek me mobile ho bhi to second one is still free no!!
    Chill :D :P

  8. Try dis in sm wl b d best.. so far..

  9. nice work.. although wen i read it d first time 1-2 jgah sudden changes lage :P..but its very well written. Mixed rhyming scheme use is awesum.Also use of adjectives is very apt :D ;-)

  10. I love you.
    perfect 1.. :*

  11. "A unique amalgamation of low's and high's,
    This is exactly the replica of what we dearly call 'Life' "
    What words,outstanding! Fabulicious Risha


  12. You're sooo good :) Be a counsellor :)

  13. @ Anonymous: Wowwy wow, thnks for sucha lovely comment. Will surely stalk someone with my work someday, Oh yeah !! :D

  14. @ Suryanshu: You got me, Know what, I was pretty upset when I started with this one. Something was constantly pullin me aback. But, when I finished writing it, I made me happy again, I did feel the same chirpiness. This poem is and will always be close to my heart.
    Thanks for Reading, dear :)

  15. @ Skye: I love you in abundance, Darlin' :)
    And Stay blessed, will tryinna make you smile every time you read my blog!! :*

  16. @ Ted: Fabulicious. Man, This is some good stuff. :D I like that new wordy word. yes, I do :D
    Anyhow, These lines, well they strike me real bad when I hold a pen in my hand! Ohh, that rhymes too ;)
    Thanks a Ton for loving, Mate. Take care! :)

  17. @ Ayu: Lol, That made me literally roll on the floor. Who needs counselling now a daz darling, everyone is up by themselves!! :D :D
    But, still if my words can be a reason for someone's happiness, I will do anything possible to make sure that stays forever!!
    And, not to forget, I love you and that silly :D too !! :* :D

  18. :* :* :* :* Shopping, Reading your blog, Dreaming , Smiling, Laughing is all I do these days :) Thanks to you darling :D
    P.S. 'Thank God You Blog' nai to mera kya hota ??? ;) :* LOve you loads !!!!!!!!!! <3 <3 <3


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