Sunday, June 19, 2011

Papa, You are my True Rockstar :)

Papa, first word I learnt after birth. The very first word that happily commenced this sweet journey of my life. :)

In childhood, I used to say to him,
"Paa, I wanna marry you when I grow up, that way I don't have to leave this place ever"
I used to sit outside my home waiting eagerly for My Dad, singing my own lyrical poem when the clock stroked 5, because that time he used to come back from work. 
I even closed my own eyes and stood right in front of him thinking that now, he couldn't see me and I will win this Hide and seek game yet again. :)

Talking about this 21 yeared life, he is still the same. The one who pampers me, care for me, who keeps his own pain bottled up and crack endless jokes to see me laugh, buy me everything even before I utter it out of my mouth, and makes sure that I sleep smiling at night with my tummy filled and teeth brushed right. 
He is my Superman, my Krissh, my Spiderman, my Transformer, my James Bond and he is one and only soul with countless superpowers. :)
He is the one who defines the Ideal Person Theory for me. I feel safe wherever I go for I know he is around watching over me. I know I am a mere imitation of his dreams. And no matter what, He loves me just like he loves my other two honey pie siblings, puru and mannu. :)        
I respect him infinitely and he is the bestest best no matter what. That was kind of understood, right! :P            
From the day I opened my eyes till today and for the years to come, thanking the Almighty is the least that I can do to match the care and affection he has showered upon his troublesome trio pack. :D

Needless to mention, We love you Dad to the very core and you will eternally be our sexy show stopper. ;) 

And every one out there reading this, Go wish your super awesome Dad right now and make him proud. :)
Anyhow, I am buying him a Cool Tee, what are you planning to do for your Darling??

Check out Father and Daughter by Paul Simon in the meanwhile. And for guys, check out Dance with my father by Luther Vandross :)
Have a good one mates and Happy Father's day! 


  1. Fathers all around the globe rock :) I'm so surprised at the fact that mama bears steal away all the glory everywhere :X

  2. yaar Dil pe lag gayi.....:D

  3. I always enjoy reading your penned stuff. But for this one I can say that it was really beautifully composed in ecstasy of love.
    Happie Father’s day:)
    Wish your paa from my side too a very Happie Father's day....

  4. @ Ayu: Yeah but generally daughters are more close to their paa, and it's pretty much the opposite for the guys. And since the sex ratio is on their side, so Mum's steal the show anyway. :D

  5. @ Bakshi: Lol, kya hi bolu mai ab teko to nikamme!! ;)

  6. @ Hunny: There you go with your first comment on my blog!! Nice, Thanks :)
    And wish your super cool Dad on my behalf too. :)
    Stay blessed!!

  7. Thank you Twisha Dear :)

  8. Papa..papapa....papapapapapapapaaaa....papapapapaapapapapapappapapapapapapapaaaaaaaaaaaaaa......
    kitne pyaar se likha hai...well...very well written...this post actually shows ur love n respect towards ur father...n that u understand the value of relationships and the people around u very well..:)..:)....mjhe to apne papa se daant hi padti rehti hai..:p...

  9. @ Ojas: Well, Relationships ain't meant to be understood, simply meant to be lived!! :)
    And daant to meko bhi boht padti hai, bt still I love him just the way you do!! ;)
    Thanks for appreciating, bud :)

  10. Love this post :)Keep up the good work :)

  11. @ Abhishek: Thank you. In your followers now :)

  12. Hey There. I found your blog using msn. This is a very well written article. I will be sure to bookmark it and come back to read more of your useful information. Thanks for the post. I'll definitely return.

  13. @ Anonymous: Hey! Thanks a lot for appreciating, mate :)
    I'll be really glad if you come back for more!

    P.S: Don't forget to mention your name fella, that way I'll be able to thank you even more properly!

    Love, Risha :)


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